AppInventory presentation: the new multimedia catalogue of the Apps – 1/04/2019

On 1st April 2019, from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm – in Gemona del Friuli, at the Sala Consolare of Palazzo Boton, Piazza del Municipio – the presentation of AppInventory platform will take place – the new multimedia catalogue of over 270 applications, which offers apps and describes them through detailed tabs, video presentations, evaluations, comments and use cases. The platform provides tools to discover and learn about digital artifact creation, online communication and collaboration, and content aggregation heterogeneous.

The event, at its third replica for the interest aroused during the first two editions – in Gorizia and Udine – is organized within the ambit of UniuforAll, a series of scientific dissemination meetings organized by the University of Udine.

Present at the event were the Mayor Roberto Revelant of Comune di Gemona, Flavia Virilli, councilor for culture; Nicola Bosello, Councilor responsible for technological innovation, Antonina Dattolo, Rector’s Delegate for Digital Inclusion and coordinator of the initiative and Marco Corbatto.