About This Project

Zzstructure is the generic name for Ted Nelson’s ZigZag(tm), an original way of linking and organizing information. Zzstructures are one aspect of Nelson’s vision of what hypertext should be. Zzstructures provide both data representation and exploring. In Zzstructure information are organized in multiple dimensions lists. Through the zz-views the user is always presented with a locally relevant view of the information, irrespective of how complex the structure is, and without losing the ability to navigate all the interconnections.

The aim of the Sasweb lab zz-structure project is to build a comprehensive bibliography about the zz-structures through a detailed analysis of the existing literature.
55 works have been identified from 1998 to 2018 and their metadata, references and citation networks were analysed in order to build a detailed database of all publication in this field.
All the material is available online and  accessible both in the form of a bibliography and through an interactive visual representation, called narrative view, which displays, along a timeline, the publications, the authors and their collaborations, and the citation network of each paper.

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