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The app offers the visitor of the exhibition an interactive path between the works on display: in the videos associated with the paintings, female characters come to life and, thanks to augmented reality effects, audio and film, offer insights about themselves, their history or details of the paintings themselves. An enthralling journey whose absolute protagonists, alongside some very famous figures, such as Queen Marie Antoinette or the Duchess of Berry, are above all wives, mothers and daughters linked to the Coronini family and its network of kinships.


The exhibition at Palazzo Coronini aims to follow the slow changing of the image of women in four centuries of history, through forty works attributable to great masters of the genre, such as the portrait of Maria Teresa, Martin van Meytens, the Russian Vladimir Borovikovskij, the Venetian Antonio Zona or the Viennese Alois Hans Schram.


Portraits of women flanked by portraits made by women: famous painters like Rosalba Carriera or Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun who, defying conventions and prejudices, succeeded in successfully establishing themselves in an almost exclusively male setting, but also less well-known artists such as the Bolognese Teresa Maria Coriolani, whose small portrait of a friar from the Coronini collections is currently the only known work.
The conclusion of this journey in an all-female imagery is represented by the works of Nicoletta Coronini Cronberg. The last descendant of the noble family of Gorizia, in the years of his youth, was a writer, illustrator and portraitist of undoubted talent, as will not fail to reveal some of his best works for the first time exposed to the public.

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