School 2.0

About This Project

School 2.0: learn about the tools offered by the Web and experiment with innovative teaching – February / March 2016


Innovative teaching course for first and second level teachers. Educational innovation project. School-University.


The exponential growth of the Web and its massive use together with the ubiquitous mobile systems (such as tablets and smartphones):

– on the one hand, impose a revision of the teaching methods, for a gradual transition from a traditional frontal didactics to new forms of communication and teaching in which the classes become an active part and work on learning, constructing it in a collaborative way;

– on the other hand, they make available, especially through Web 2.0, a vast set of tools and applications that if properly used can be a fundamental support for teachers towards innovative teaching.


Objectives of this course are:

– show teachers how some of their basic computer skills, such as the use of programs (such as Word, Excel), can be used in a shared and collaborative network;

– deepen the concept of Web 2.0 and some of its specific features, such as “cloud computing”;

– provide teachers with a classification of the tools and applications existing on the Web so that they can know their specific characteristics and hypothesize their profitable use;

– propose a reasoned choice and experiment with its use together, for example, to: develop complex representations, such as infographics, mind maps, timelines, animations, wordclouds, geographical maps; create presentations (slides, videopresentations, storytelling, comics, trailers, etc.) enriching and making videos interactive.