LD Inventory

About This Project

Learning Design systems represent valuable tools to support teachers in the delicate task of organizing the teaching-learning activities in active student-centered approaches, where activities play a central role. There are many projects in this field, but the available tools do not always fulfill the expectations and some of them are not currently active. The aim of this project is to model a Web platform to support teachers in the design of  lesson plans, aggregate contents, organize teaching and learning activities, share them with students and colleagues. and collect the digital artefacts. After a preliminary study in order to analyse active projects in this area and the teachers’ needs / expectations, we intend to investigate and model visual driven interfaces to support a lightweight approach in the design of learning design paths, from macro to micro perspectives.

The system will be integrated with a visual catalogue of Web 2.0 and mobile applications with a strong potential impact in learning activities. The catalogue is called AppInventory and will collect informations on hundreds applications to create digital artefacts, to support the work in groups, to create quiz and surveys and to coordinate projects and activities. The aim is to guide teachers and students in choosing best apps to carry on specific tasks and also to collect users evaluations and original use cases of the single applications.


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