An Ebook for Amatrice

About This Project

A group of professors and students of the three-year degree courses in Public Relations and Master’s Degree in Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations of the University of Udine – Gorizia has transformed a laboratory, transversal to several communication courses, into a concrete project to favor of the population of Amatrice hit by the earthquake.


The project, the result of passion, skills and motivations for communication and the Web, has as its objective the construction of a digital library where the traditional one has been destroyed. A library as a cultural gathering place for communities, sharing interests and hopes for those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat reading can transmit. For the realization of this initiative, a collaboration was promoted with a youth association identified in the areas of the earthquake, Amatrice 2.0, which deals with fundraising and operates in the area.
Amazon has donated 20 Kindle e-book readers, which allow the loading of dozens of titles that can be consulted on Amazon’s showcase.


The project has foreseen a path of events started from Gorizia and ended in Amatrice. During the tour the themes of gift, solidarity and earthquake were dealt with in the company of experts and protagonists of the world of culture.



Tourism and solidarity