Digital inclusion – 30/05/2019

Conoscenza in festa hosts an event dedicated to digital inclusion and tourism promotion this year: Digital inclusion. An immersive and multimodal experience in a hidden museum.
Speaker: Antonina Dattolo
Sala Florio, Palazzo Florio, via Palladio 8 in Udine

Live performances: Carlo Marzaroli and Marco Godeas

What does digital inclusion mean? What is meant by ‘universal design’? What are the differences between accessibility and inclusion? Starting from these questions, some insights will be offered on the role and impact of digital inclusion and some concrete projects will be presented. A live performance will follow, in which all participants will be able to immerse themselves in a hidden museum to discover its charm and be carried away in a multimodal experience. The case study that will be presented is related to the Great War Museum in Gorizia.

Given the limited number of places, free reservations are recommended on: Eventbrite
For contacts, details and information: tel: 0481580179

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