AppInventory for Auxilia – 15/11/2018

The preview of AppInventory, a new multimedia catalogue of Web 2.0 applications and for mobile devices, was presented on November the 15th at Cividale. The platform will be inaugurated on November 28th.

The Web offers great opportunities due to the huge availability of content and also for the number of tools that it provides as Web 2.0 applications. These applications offer the ability to create and share digital artifacts, to support communication and collaboration in a working group and to aggregate, remix and share digital objects.
Despite the variety and ease of use of these applications, it is often difficult to choose the most effective tools in order to perform certain tasks or to collaborate in virtual contexts for specific purposes.

AppInventory is a research project that has led to the creation of a digital multimedia catalogue of applications. Firstly conceived as a support to teachers who wish to innovate traditional educational practices, it can be interesting for students and professionals who want to experiment with new tools for their activities.

With the help of a large group of students from the University of Udine, more than 270 applications were selected, analyzed and classified, and many video-presentations were carried out. All the data are available both in Italian and English, usable through an innovative Web platform that allows the exploration and evaluation of the app presented in absolute preview during the meeting.

The inauguration of the AppInventory platform will be held on November 28th. To attend the meeting or find out more about the project, please refer to the article: AppInventory: the new multimedia catalogue of the app – 28/11/2018.